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30% off TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube for 1 2 Year Old Girl Boy Gift,Wooden Educational Baby Toy for Age 18 Month from amazon

Product Features

  • 5 DIFFERENT ACTIVITIES: Exploration and fun is around each corner of this activity cube toy for 1 2 year old boy and girl. There are 5 unique activities including: shape sorting , spinning gears , color counting beads, cause and effect window and childlike front. Let your baby immerse themselves in the world of activity cubes!
  • ALL ABOUT SAFETY: The activity cube is made of natural wood and stained with non-toxic water-based paint which make the activity cube toy safe for your toddler. It has been fully tested to pass the highest standards of both the U.S. and Europe toy safety standards. Because we know that you only want to give your child the best.
  • LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT: There are lots of educational activities to help your baby learn and keep them busy for a while. This interactive toy with vibrant colors stimulates baby's senses and encourages them to distort, rotate and press their way through fun learning process. It is a great choice as a baby gift for your beloved 1 2 year old boys and girls.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR PRESCHOOL EDUCATION: The multifunctional activity cubes allow toddler to concentrate for a long time, and will also be a hit with any toddler and approved of and appreciated by parents. It is a great baby gifts for 1 2 year old boys and girls, which can inspire children's creativity and develop their thinking and coordination skills while making them try out all the fun activities.
  • UNIQUE SIMULATION DESIGN: The front of the activity cube toy is designed with a simulative wiper and horn. What's more, when pressing the button, it sounds"bi bi". The rear door could be opened and your baby can use it as a store box. This activity cube simulates wheel rotation without fear of wheel shedding or shredding. It’s a gift for one year old boys and girls that can last throughout childhood.


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