Pointool Wire Heat Shrink Tubing- Heat Shrink Tube Kit Wire Shrink Wrap Electrical Waterproof Automotive Marine Heat Shrink Wrap Tubing Assortment with Adhesive Lined for Wires(Shrink Ratio3:1,140Pcs) - DealXeed
75% off Pointool Wire Heat Shrink Tubing- Heat Shrink Tube Kit Wire Shrink Wrap Electrical Waterproof Automotive Marine Heat Shrink Wrap Tubing Assortment with Adhesive Lined for Wires(Shrink Ratio3:1,140Pcs) from amazon

Product Features

  • ♥NICE ADHESIVE INSIDE-You can clearly see the adhesive oozing out of the ends slightly once the heat shrink tubing is heated and shrunk onto a wire. The mastic liner that makes it waterproof and keeps the joint from corroding. In addition the glue in this shrink tube kit does a good job of sealing and securing the tubing.
  • ♥SHRINK NICE-These heat shrink tubes are well made of extremely NICE QUALITY materials which make sure they are evenly and pretty thick after shrunk down. The 3:1 SHRINK RATIO and glue of the heat shrink tubing assures a relatively tight and neat connection of the braided sleeve to the cable. And the high shrink ratio allow you to use this shrink tube kit in more situations than the usual 2:1 ratio tubing.
  • ♥MULTIPLE SIZES AND COLORS-Contain any size you may need for anything from professional repair to DIY work at home, so the heat shrink tubing is very convenient when working with different size wires. You may not use these a lot, but when you do, there's always a size that comes in handy. This is a very handy shrink tube kit for working on cars, motorcycles, ATVs, boats etc for splicing or adding wires.
  • ♥EASY TO USE & WELL ORGANIZED-We recommend that you use a heat gun to make the project more professional. In fact, the heat shrink tubings are very easy to use even with a mini torch or lighter in a pinch. They come in a nice plastic storage box which keeps shrink tube kit WELL ORGANIZED and the pre-cut lengths are prefect for most jobs.
  • ♥ WARRANTY-Pointool is committed to providing excellent quality products and worry-free shopping experiences for DIY enthusiasts. All of our shrink tube kit is backed by a three-year warranty and lifetime free technical support. So come on, let the heat shrink tubing make your amateur DIY more professional!

Additional Information


✦Have you ever worried that the water would intrude and corrode the connection?

✦Have you ever been troubled that you can't find the right size of heat shrink tubing?

✦Have you ever been crazy about your messy shrink tube kit box?

 If so, you need this shrink tube kit.

Reason for choosing Pointool heat shrink tubing:

➤Adhesive inside-The glue inside does a good job of sealing and securing.

➤Shrink quick, strong and evenly-The 3:1 shrink ratio tubes shrink tight and smooth in seconds.

➤Multiple sizes and colors-Great selection of different sizes and the multiple color make it easy to distinguish different wires.

➤Easy to use-Lots of creative ways to use the shrink tube kit.

➤Well organized-They come in a quality container box which keeps the heat shrink tubing nicely separated.

Scope of application:

Automotives, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, guitar amplifiers, AC power adapters, RC, electrical panel, submersible pond light, Christmas display, LED, DIY etc splicing or adding wiring. iPhone/iPad charging cable, micro USB cable, USB C cable, audio cable, speaker cables, phone cord, guitar wiring, eye glasses etc repairing.


Part number: PO-1400

Shrink ratio: 3:1

Pre-cut length: 89mm/ 3 1/2inches

Minimum Shrinkage Temp: +158°F (+70°C)

Full Shrinkage Temp: +257°F (+125°C) maximum

Operating Temperature: -49°F ~ +257°F (-45°C ~ +125°C)

Package include:

Φ3/32" ×50Pcs Black

Φ1/8" ×40Pcs Red

Φ3/16" ×20Pcs Orange

Φ1/4" ×15Pcs Yellow

Φ3/8" ×8Pcs Green

Φ1/2" ×7Pcs Purple

Storage box ×1Pcs

Tip: Hold it underneath a few inches away when use a lighter.



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