Cook Time BBQ Grill Vegetable Basket Stainless Steel Grilling Woks-Non Stick Large Veggie Barbecue Accessory for Outdoor Grill,Heavy Duty 1.5X Thicker,13.75X12X2.5inches - DealXeed
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Product Features

  • 🔥【BEST GRILL ACCESSORY】- COOK TIME grill basket with handle is the most essential BBQ gadget when preparing a outdoor grilled picnic!The awesome feature of adding smoky flavour to sundry small food types can be achieved with our heavy duty veggie grilling baskets(Thickness:1.2mm).What would be better than a roast of vegetables and cheese? Absolutely only by the non stick bbq basket will bring mouthwatering grilled food to your life!
  • 🔥【HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION】 - Vegetable grilling basket is builded as solid as diamond.It will last a lifetime.It was constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel material that is FDA approved,high temperature resistance,will never rust.It offers long comfortable handles which make handling the basket easy and safe.Now It’s easy to combine various foods for a mixed taste feast-delicious and simple to prepare.
  • 🔥【OUTSTANDING COOKING PERFOMANCE】 - Customized to your taste for delicious grilled veggies by COOK TIME bbq basket. Perfect sized unique holes keep even the smallest food inside and retains heat properly. The grill wok evenly distributes heat and perform its task efficiently.Eating vibrant grilled vegetables or charred zucchini and squash from a grill basket,get that coveted smokey flavor,has never been so flavoursome,its worth the try!
  • 🔥【SAY GOODBYE TO FOOD LOSS ON THE GRILL】 - Love to enjoy grilling small diced pieces of veggies,shrimp,and meat? But tired of loosing half of your food to the grill? The grill basket is the solution! All your food, regardless of size,will stay safe now.With this grill basket,your hard work of prepared food for bbq, won't go to waste anymore.You will enjoy every piece of food you counted on setting to the table!Perfect for all grills - Weber,Gas,Charcoal,etc.
  • 🔥【LIFETIME WARRANTY】 - GUARANTEED! When purchasing grill basket, you may rest assured that we devote ourselves to provide the best customer service for all of our customers. Consider getting TWO,one for you and one for your very best friend.TIPS:Never forget to spray oil before use to prevent food from sticking.Use protective gloves and wash with warm soapy water.If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, kindly contact us.

Additional Information

Size:Grill Basket,13.75"X12"X2.5"


Why does it have to be hard, when it can be so much easier?  

Say goodbye to loosing food outside of the grill when you are making your best barbecue party!  

With our Large Portable BBQ Grilling Outdoor Stainless Steel bbq Grill Basket you can enjoy every bit of the grilling experience and your friends while all your vegetables are getting ready for serve in minutes, Hassle-free. 

Why should you get the COOK TIME GRILLING BASKETS?

Ideal for grilling delicious vegetables such as peppers, onions, corn, zucchini and mushrooms, as well as delicate seafood such as shrimps and fish.

Bite-sized pieces of chicken,lamb,pork,sausages and other meats can also be grilled, along with fruit such as sliced pineapple.

Size:13.75”x 12”x 2.5”,Thickness:1.2MM.

Our veggies grilling basket fits most gas and charcoal grills, and provides plenty of room for food. The basket depth also makes it easy to stir and toss food without worrying about losing food through grill grates.

The heavy duty stainless steel construction promotes even heat distribution for cooking, resists warping and is built to last.

Perfect as a gift for those who enjoy grilling or hosting barbecues. 

Or simply treat yourself with this must have grilling accessory.


If you have any problems with this product, please contact us for a replacement or refund. So why wait, click "ADD TO CART”.

Before First Use 

Remove packaging and hand wash the bbq basket in warm soapy water. 

Tips for Use

The inside of the vegetable grill wok can be lightly brushed or coated with a high smoke point cooking oil such as olive Oil to prevent food from sticking to the basket. 

A non-stick cooking spray containing high smoke point cooking oil can also be used.

Hand wash the non stick grill basket in warm soapy water.


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